What we do

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP and is the #1 ecommerce solution in the world.

Ebay purchased Magento back in 2011 and since then, it has become the dominant player in providing small, medium and large merchants with the tools to help them succeed online.

Whether you need a programmer to help you optimize or evolve your current Magento instance, or have a brand new project in mind, we are here to make sure that you’ll reach your goal. We have a very diversified team which allow us to assist you with every aspect of an ecommerce website.

Our team consist of over 30 people, which includes our Magento certified Developers, as well as System Administrators, Web Designers, Project Managers and so on. Partnering with us assures you that you’ll have a turn key solution.

And Why Work with us

Only Certified Magento Developers

Our Magento Development Company is not only good with Magento. Our Senior Developers are versatile programmers with a large database of knowledges. PHP, React.js, Angular.js, Ember, MySQL, NGINX, Apache, are just a fraction of what we know!

Free Test Drive

Have you ever been let down by developers or worst, a development company and you’re looking for a dedicated Magento Developer for your needs? We’re so convinced that we have the top of the Magento Developers in our team that we can let you have a Free Test Drive. Ask us for more info!

There are many reasons to work with gentflow

Resource Backup

With this system, your business is not depending on one person and you’re protected in case of unknown issues such as illness.


No matter what type of resource you require, they are never alone. Your resource(s) has access to an entire IT department.

Agressive Pricing

Since price is always important and we want to work with you, our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.


Our agreements are flexible and no long term commitment is necessary.

In House Policy

Every single resource at Gentflow is a full time employee of our company who share our vision, mission and values.

Magento 2

Magento2 has been released in 2015 and is the largest Magento update ever published by them. It has major improvements and will soon be used by the vast majority of Magento Ecommerce Websites. Since its release, we had the opportunity to test and work on it for various clients.

Are you considering migrating to Magento2? Take a moment to look at the main and non exhautive benefit list.

  • Better management of the framework modules : The new Magento Framework replaces the Varien Library and its depending elements.

  • Better control of module integration : Magento 2 is now able to verify the compatibility of a module before integrating it.

  • Security Enforcement : Even if Magento 1 was a very solid platform, Magento 2 is even more secure at many levels, offering major progress on this aspect.

  • Test Automation : Now with Magento 2, developers can use many tools to test before deploying to production. This is also another major progress that will save time and money.

  • Performance Optimization : It would be long to explain in details what they improved, however they did improve a lot of things in this version which make it a lot faster than the previous version.

  • Very complete documentation : With Magento 2, they did an awesome job at documenting. Now it’s up to date, well written, and it will make developer life much easier!

  • Better Backend Interface : Although anything would have been better than before, we have to admit that this one is very nice ;)

  • Tons of other improvements : We could write a book about all the improvements, in our opinion, these are the major ones. We do recommend any new development to be done with Magento 2, as for Migrating from 1 to 2, it has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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